K4 Safety Needle Cap

One piece injection moulding,
no cannula, no hub and no glue

The K4 Safety Needle Cap device is a unique, high-quality, anti-needle stick device that exceeds functional standards, and meets global standards. Its novel design, requiring a single mould, offers low costs of production, as well as unique product differentiation and excellent marketing opportunities in a crowded sector. K4 meets the highest standards (OSHA, USA) and ISO and complies with UNICEF and WHO guidelines.

Star is offering an opportunity for non-exclusive licensing for manufacture and distribution.

Product features:

  • Assembles securely to hub and barrel with SMARTFIT
  • Stay-Clean foil cover (with unique branding opportunity)
  • Seamlessly with foil removal folds back to expose the needle for use
  • Unique safety feature as cover can be positioned back to cover the needle for temporary protection prior to injection
  • When needle is removed after an injection the cover can be positioned to cover needle and then locked for full protection over the needle prior to safe disposal

WHO Policy

Safety is at the heart of the new global WHO policy, advocating the rational and safe use of injectables.

WHO policy states: “Millions of people could be protected from infections acquired through unsafe injections if all healthcare programmes switched to syringes that cannot be used more than once.”

This product is part of the solution, fully complying with the new regulations in a cost effective way. Click the button below to read the full WHO Policy.

About us

Star is a medical device licensing company that transfers its AD Syringe and Needle Safety technology to manufacturers around the world.

StarTek, a division of Star Syringe, was set up to provide our licensee base with a dedicated engineering resource for all ‘K’ products, and is a small group of highly experienced medical device engineers who have jointly invested over 90 years in the medical devices industry.

This range of expertise covers design, quality management, production, training, including turn-key solutions for the production of medical disposable AD syringes. The StarTek team members have built more than 30 factories for syringes, needles and associated products worldwide.

Whether technology transfer for our ‘K’ products, including full documentation, to a green field site with full turn-key factory solutions including training, we have the expertise to get the job done.

Rupert Lywood

Rupert has spent 25 years founding and building businesses in the medical, energy, information, finance, and media sectors – including co-founding and chairing a multi-billion Euro trans-European energy business, sold in 2007. He remains active in all these sectors and is also currently focused on literacy programs in the Developed and Developing World.

Robin Bullock

Robin joined Star in Jan. 2001, working closely with Marc on fulfilling a commercial licensing base for K1 and the developing world. As liaison between Star and Licensee has spent much of his time assisting in opening markets with both Licensees and with MoH’s across Africa, Middle and Far East.

Graham Madin

Since joining Star in 2001 Graham has assisted syringe manufacturers around the world convert existing production lines to manufacture K1. He leads StarTek’s specialized turn-key solutions to the medical industry, whether greenfield new-build or modernization of existing facilities, and whose services including moulding, assembly and sterilization.

David Wallace

David is a chartered accountant and joined Star two years ago. He has a diverse background including project management and funding, tech transfer and was formerly head of Wildvision, the commercial arm of the BBC’s Natural History Unit.

Norbert Rudolf

Norbert joined Star in 2008, and works within StarTek overseeing all aspects of Quality Assurance of K1 medical devices to ISO standards. He is involved in engineering and consultancy for licensees, project planning up to implementation of a medical device factory. His experience spans 30 years within the medical device sector.